Wednesday, 9 January 2019

January 10th
Pick of the Litter

Seems it's either feast or famine, and this week I've only got a mega-cutesy puppy film to review. 

Pick of the Litter
Dir: Don Hardy Jnr, Dana Nachman
Length: 81 min 
© Madman - how cute can it get?
It's won many audience awards. How could something so full of cute puppies fail to be appealing, but the doco also tells an important story - how pups are trained to be guide dogs for the blind. We follow a litter of five for two years - the so-called "P" litter - Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet and Phil. Each is fostered out to a private family or individual, and then, depending on the dog's perceived strengths, it will go on to be a breeder, get further training, or have a "change of career". I'm not a huge "doggy person", but I found myself charmed, and barracking for certain dogs to make the grade. The film is also testament to the love and patience of the trainers, but one thing seemed lacking for me - the in-depth specifics of how the dogs are taught to respond to the various, and often very complex, commands. I got a level of insight, but not as much as I would have liked. Nevertheless, this is a must-see for dog-lovers, as well as an informative and delightful entertainment for all.
3.5 - well recommended! 

Awards season is off and running
With the 2019 Golden Globes done and dusted this week, it's the start of a frenetic awards season culminating in the Oscars on 22nd February.
As you know, I adored Bohemian Rhapsody and was delighted to see Rami Malek get his just reward for the amazing portrayal of Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury. Glenn Close is also a worthy recipient of Best Actress for her performance in The Wife.
Watching Jeff Bridges accept the Cecil B De Mille award made me want to watch all his films once more. 
And, reviewing my Top 10, which was really a top umpteen, I've added Vice and Roma into my "almost made the top 10" list.

If you missed it, you can revisit my top films for 2018 at:

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