Saturday, 7 January 2017

January 8 2017:  
The Edge of Seventeen

Not a lot to report this week, though the one film I review is an absolute winner! I hope you are getting to see a lot of the fabulous Boxing Day/New Year films that I've reviewed over the past couple of weeks.  

The Edge of Seventeen
Director: Kelly Fremon Craig
Length: 104 min

© Roadshow - insecure Nadine communes with her teacher
in this heartfelt, funny and wonderful teen tale. 
Hailee Steinfeld made her debut 6 years ago in the remake of True Grit. It was obvious then she was a talent to watch, and she does not disappoint here. In fact nothing about this surprisingly brilliant teen flick disappoints. Steinfeld plays Nadine, a teen with low self-esteem, whose life is made worse when her beloved father dies. Her mother (Kyra Sedgwick) is too self-absorbed to see the angst and loneliness in her daughter. To compound matters Nadine's brother Darian (Blake Jenner) has always been outgoing, self-confident and seemingly her parents' favourite. Nadine's only friend in the world is Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), so when Darian starts dating Krista, Nadine is devastated. She only maintains her sanity by regularly dumping her problems on her teacher (Woody Harrelson). I don't want to hear you say you are too old for teen flicks. This one is superbly scripted, flawlessly acted, and balances a light comic touch with heartfelt drama throughout. Above all, it gets at a truth I believe we can all remember and relate to about being young, confused and vulnerable. 

4.5 - wholeheartedly recommended!

There is a new review of La La Land up on cinephilia. (Remember, I wasn't as crazed about it as other critics!)
I love it when two reviewers on the same site go head to head with divergent opinions. That's what makes film criticism so much fun! 
The Golden Globes are being awarded soon. Check out the nominees and the winners!
You can catch the show live on Foxtel tomorrow, Monday 9th Jan. 

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