Wednesday, 7 December 2016

December 8:  
Little Men

At last a small slow-down, but the count-down is on to the big day of releases (Dec 26). Here's two new films out this week worth a look. I believe Office Christmas Party is also out, for those fans of films about people behaving badly. 

Little Men
Director: Ira Sachs
Length: 8min

© Rialto - low key but well executed tale of 
friendship and family feuds
Firmly in the school of independent American film-making, Little Men is a gentle, sweet story of the friendship between two young loners, Jake and Tony. Jake's father (Greg Kinnear) is renegotiating a lease on a shop where Tony's mother runs a sewing business. The adults soon fall into bitter dispute, but the boys are initially oblivious of the problems. There is a real humanity and authenticity to this film which captures beautifully the dynamics of friendship, of families, and of how sometimes children can behave in a far more grown-up fashion than adults. Acting by the two young leads is terrific, and Kinnear comes back to form, ably complemented by Paulina Garcia as the seamstress. 

3.5 - recommended!

Director: Steven Cantor
Length: 8min

© Vendetta  - Sergei Polunin in a stunning dance sequence 
he recorded for YouTube. 
At age 19 Sergei Polunin became the youngest ever lead dancer of the British Royal Ballet. Born in the Ukraine, Sergei left in his teens to study in England, at great financial and personal cost to his family. The doco traces the history of this stunning dancer who hit the heights then burned out so young, questioning everything about this career he thought he wanted. There is nothing ground-breaking in the style of the film-making, but the subject matter is probably unmissable for fans of ballet. This young man would have to be one of the most amazing male dancers I've ever seen, and his journey is fascinating, inspirational and heart-breaking.

3 - recommended!
To watch the YouTube clip of Sergei that went viral: 

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