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October 27th  
Deepwater Horizon
Cafe Society
BBC First British Film Festival
Jewish International Film Festival

For me it's a film frenzy - catching up on films I've missed, checking out the never ending festival offerings and generally over-indulging in the big screen.  

Deepwater Horizon
Director:Peter Berg
Length: 107 min

© Roadshow - Absolutely rivetting disaster
film - and true!
If action is your thing, be sure to catch this excellent film, based upon the true life disaster of an oil rig that caught on fire and caused the worst oil spill in history. With a great cast including Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell and John Malkovitch, this is thrilling and disturbing film viewing. Big corporations love to cut costs, and this tragedy proved only too well the human and environmental price paid for this avoidable neglect. The build up to the main drama, including the personal lives of the characters is wonderfully drawn, and once the action sets in, it is a totally thrilling (and upsetting) ride! 

4 - Wholeheartedly recommended!
For a full review from Andrew Lee:

Cafe Society
Director: Woody Allen
Length: 96 min

© EOne - Youth, romance and regret in Woody's latest
Many people tell me they don't like Woody Allen. At heart, I'm a die-hard fan, even though his films are variable. This latest is a lightweight, fun, fab-looking film, set in Hollywood of the 1930s. Young, gauche Bobby Dorfmann (Jesse Eisenberg) heads off to the bright lights where his Uncle Phil (Steve Carrell) is a studio mogul. He lands a job and falls for Phil's secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). But she has another man and Bobby returns to New York to go into his gangster brother's nightclub business.  But can Bobby ever forget his first great love? Stewart is a stand-out in this film - and so are the sumptuous cinematography and settings.  

3.5 - Recommended!
For a full review:

BBC First British Film Festival
Melbourne 26th October - 16th November (check website for other states)
At Palace Como, Balwyn, Brighton Bay 

I've had the privilege of previewing three of the films showing. Longer reviews will follow when the films get mainstream releases. If these are an indication of the quality of the festival, then bring it on!

I, Daniel Blake: a heartbreaking no nonsense story of a man struggling to deal with the British welfare system. (from director Ken Loach, whose films will be examined in a special doco). 
The Light Between Oceans: Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander star in this tear-jerker about a lighthouse keeper on a remote Australian coast and his wife who find a baby floating in a boat at sea.
A United Kingdom: The true story of the marriage between the king of Bechuanaland and a white British woman, at a time when apartheid in South Africa dominated politics. An inspiring film, beautifully acted by Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo.

As well as another 15 or so  Australian premiere films, there is a retrospective featuring such British gems as Oliver!, The French Lieutenant's Woman, A Room with a View and many more worth revisiting on the big screen. 

4.5 - Wholeheartedly recommended!
To check out what's on where and when:

Jewish International Film Festival
Melbourne 27th October - 23rd November (check website for other states)
At Classic and Lido 

For fans of JIFF, you no doubt have already discovered what films you want to see and have your tickets in your hot little hands. My absence this year has precluded me from previewing anything, but from the look of the guide, the festival should once again be a winner. Opening night film Denial, about Holocaust denier David Irving, promises to be captivating. The rest of the 68 new films showing are testament to the talents of dedicated curator Eddie Tamir and his excellent eye for entertaining and provocative films.   
To check out what's on where and when:

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